Test: Sudio Klang

Sudio adds the bulk of gunpowder on lifestyle focus, but it itself does not need to be ashamed of themselves for it.

Sudio is a Swedish startup focused on the headset to Iphone. Sure they work even with Android, but as is customary with threaded headset miss you when the music controls.
The main point is to offer something that looks better than Apple’s supplied lurk without you having to cough up too many pennies extra. This particular design is evident that there is something that is wagered on, both aesthetically and functionally. Contrast colors and metal details form the aesthetic, while flat and fairly tangle-free cords and different sladdelar for each headphone is practical. The packaging is also closest to the overly designed for you to feel a kind of added value.

At the same time, we should not say that the design has a take over too much from the quality of the spray when it comes to sound. It is possible to find lurking in the same price range with equal and better sound quality, but it does not mean that it sounds bad right away. Call quality is a bit hollow, but for an all-round handset for a 100 dollars we do not have much to complain about neither of comfort or the sound when listening to music.