Test: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

The biggest problem with Galaxy S5 Active is that you get to pay the price for a half-year old mobile.

When Samsung launched Galaxy S4 they followed it up with a bevy of models that borrowed the name from the parent model: S4, S4 and S4 Mini Zoom Active. We were expecting the same flood of S5 ‘s, but it was not quite so. Some got S5 Zoom a sequel, but it got hot K Zoom. And where did the S5 Active, the more durable version of the S5? Well it appeared in an American carrier in the summer, but only now will it to the rest of the world.

It has time to happen much in half a year in the mobile world, and this is reflected in the rapid drop in prices for new mobile models. Samsung Galaxy S5 cost 6000 dollars after it went on sale in March last year. Now it costs SEK 4500. For S5 Active, which in many respects is the same phone, Samsung would have 5800 SEK. It’s not really fair to sell a slightly modified eight-month-old mobile that had time to fall 25 percent in the price of the original price.
But let’s start with the big difference between S5 and A5 Active, for after all, Galaxy S5 Active properties that make it somewhat unique in the market and that means we can not dismiss it outright as overpriced. Already common S5 has an IP67 rating, meaning it is water and dust proof. S5 Active is in addition to the classified according to Milspec 810 g.

Milspec 810 g is the U.S. Army’s classification of gadgets and contains great categories such as how well a product can withstand explosions and shelling, but there is no institution that Milspec-rate civil products, so if someone indicates that a product is Milspec classified, it means that it is designed to meet the requirements, but this has not been verified by any independent body. Also, is there no one who claims to meet other than the selected categories in Milspec 810 g. In practice, this means in this case that the Galaxy S5 Active according to Samsung to withstand falls from a height 1.2 m to concrete flooring or asphalt.

The phone looks in all cases confidence-inspiring resistant, with edges in hard plastic and a back piece that is screwed. Or? No screws are shown to be faked, and the back cover is made of the same lightweight plastic that snaps into place that on all Samsung mobiles. This means that if you drop it in the aforementioned concrete floors learning the battery fall out. However, it is not just bad.It is not entirely uncommon for battery smashes the door lock on the rugged phones but this is probably all parts whole afterwards. This means that you had better not drop the cell phone in the rain if you don’t want to get water damage when the lid comes off.
Compared to other mobiles called S5 S5 has no Active fingerprint readers. In return, it has received actual menu buttons and an extra button you can choose what it does. By default, a long press opens the camera and a short press opens the app that got the name yxiga activity area.

This particular activity area is really the only specific software adaptation as the cell phone a. It contains a barometer, a compass, a flashlight and a stopwatch. All the features you find in Google Apps Play If you would like to have.

I thought that already passed some kind of magical S5 border where the phone was too great in the hand. S5 Active is more larger on all directions, but is at least a bit more grip with their pages in ribbed hard plastic.

Otherwise, this is a Galaxy S5, which means that it performs almost identically and good in performance tests, it has an excellent screen, it has a good camera with many but messy organized functions, and it has a fairly superfluous heart rate monitor on the back.
Samsung has long been accused of filling their phones with bloatware, i.e. pre-installed programs you can’t remove and taking up memory and fill up the menu with icons for apps you never use. They had already begun when the S5 launched clean up their bloatware, and with S5 Active has succeeded so well that I no longer think that Samsung deserves the allegation. The cell phone has at startup only two screens with icons for built-in apps, and by them is Google’s more than Samsung.

In S5 Active we find still many of the small but smart features that made the S5 good, such as turbo download then you can receive large files quickly by using both 4 g and wlan download in parallel, ultra power saving mode then you can get two days at 10% battery against you only get basic functions, and the ability to turn down the screen brightness really really low so you can use your mobile phone in bed next to someone who is asleep without disturbing.

This is not to say that I like the software outright. Samsung’s Touchwiz is so heavy that the 2 gigabyte RAM easily gets too little, but that it actually gives something back, and sometimes it feels like the Samsung changes and moves on things only for it to be different from the default-Google.

When it comes to shock-and water-resistant phone with top performance, there’s nothing better to get hold of than Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, and it is certainly not bad. But basically, it’s an S5, a almost a year old mobile that will go on sale when the Galaxy S6 waiting around the corner, and also, at the same price as the S6 will cost. A 1500 kroner lower price had been justified.

On the other hand
Erik M: it’s not often that we find a smartphone that is also like this rugged. It is certainly welcome because otherwise often forced to choose between smart or tough. Given that the alternatives are getting so easily becomes S5 Active is a good choice, but it does not mean that the price seems entirely justified.

Mobile battery test
Battery video time: 8 HR 19 min

Questions and answers
What is this newspaper kiosk which is located as a splash screen?
It is a lightweight glorified widget for news service Flipboard. It can be removed if you do not wish to get random news from different sources in of you chosen subjects.

How is it to call with?
We experience the reception that the correct standard, and the volume is high, but a bit tinny and skrällig. The same is true in speaker mode.

It is very new in the software?
Hardly anything at all compared to the Galaxy S5, and even if you have an older Samsung going to recognize you in the default applications.

An option for those who …
Proof: If you still going to buy an old mobile to get a durable, its predecessor Galaxy S4 Active be a more affordable option. It’s still good, have more flexible format, and costs a little more than half what S5 Active costs.

Test chart
The camera in the S5 Active is the same as the S5, which means a high lowest level on the images.

Durable: Milspec 810 g
Military resistance sounds impressive, but in practice, this means above all that the phone can withstand being dropped in a concrete floor from a height of 1.2 m.

Ultraströmsparläge: 2 colors
The phone is black and white and you’ll have access to a limited range of functions. In return, you will receive two weeks of standby time.

Camera: 16 megapixels
The camera does not qualify among the best on the market right now, but it’s nevertheless quite good with lots of features.