Test: Our Site Mother

Mother is a little gadget that can do almost everything in theory, but it is also its greatest disadvantage.

What does it do? Why is the mom? Why has mom cakes? Why does mommy like a matryosha-doll? The questions are many, and they have more or less teased out a and a for you to be able to grasp the whole picture. In short, it is about an advanced pedometer that can also be used as motion sensor in other contexts.

Why it looks like the classic Russian doll, we do not know, but the shape is probably set for it to be a fun element in the home environment rather than just a new tech gadget. Mother is content for the most part with to light with their eyes (which is also used as indicator lights if something goes wrong), but sometimes croak out sound effects to tell what’s going on. The dock is connected with a cable to your network and is then set via the manufacturer’s website our sites. It is also through the website you set all kinds of functions like Mother and its sensors will be used. There is also an app for Ios, Windows Phone and Android, but unfortunately the most used as the monitoring of the functions is started and cannot be use to set up new features. Just that the gap between the mobile Web and app (which in many ways looks and acts like a clone of the mobile site, minus the important features) is one of the most dull the drawbacks of the system.

But why has mom cookies then? Probably no connection to moms bake cookies or something, but we live with it. The cakes, four pieces of the basic package, in this fall’s small sensor sticks that can measure whether someone is nearby, movement and temperature. With the sensors, plus linked via 868 MHz band to the maternity unit, you can do a lot of different things, and that is precisely the point.
Cookies can be set to a variety of behaviors. Stop a in trouser pocket and use as a pedometer. Put a cake on a door or a window and get information about any open. Do you have a Nespresso machine or similar, it can keep track of how many cups of coffee you drank during the day and if it comes time to buy new kaffepoddar (works really bad in an Office with large consumers of coffee). You can also make sure that your phone makes a funny noise about a cake moves, which belongs to the more frivolous tasks for cakes (with the disadvantage that the sound must be on, the app up and running and that the cake moves in a very specific way. It would have been better if Mom drive made noise, when she found a speaker built in).

There are lots of features that you can do with Mom and its cakes and our site adds new features. This makes the Kit into a very versatile way to get sensors in different parts of your life, but at the same time very limited. Mom itself does not keep track of something via sensors, although it would have been desirable. The features you can add to the cookies are extremely limited in their function and locked into just one function per cake. With so many sensors built-in, we would like to have seen that it was possible to combine functions, so window sensor could report how cold it is where it is, or that the coffee pod reacts when someone comes close. Then the sensors could be used as a kind of monitoring system could Mother-Unit well get act as alarm or that the functions could be put together in a kind of alarm schedule. The phrase Jack of all trades, master of none feels particularly visible here, for even if the idea of a device that can do really everything is completely stunning ending it with very basic features that are driven out of the very most basic units in each area. To the mobile app almost solely used to look at what features are started, it feels rather economical with.

At the same time, it is a system that has all the potential in the world to be really good through software updates. But then there is the matter of our site gives priority to add new features that build on the ones that already exist.