Test: Moto 360

All watches with Android Wear running the same system and the same hardware inside. Then it should just be a choice of design when you choose Bell? Moto 360 argues differently.

So far we have had time to test three watches with Android Wear this on the editor and thus becomes the fourth Moto 360. Similarly, it has been a mixed crowd of rice and rose between them, but on the whole has the common system meant that the experience has been reasonably equivalent. Even the hardware on the inside has been quite similar between the various models, so really should it well most of you get a watch that you think are aesthetically pleasing? We would like it to be so, but now that we have some test-drives Moto 360 a week, it turns out that there are many small details that can make a big difference.

When it comes to Moto 360 itself, we can well without lying claim that it is the most talked about Android Wear the clock that has been made so far. Much of it was the first round screen and much of it was one of the first clocks of the system showed up at all.

This particular design is what is the code for Moto 360. The watch is really nice and we experience it that much smoother than many of its competitors ‘ varieties. To load the supplied wireless dock adds to both the aesthetics and coolheten of the clock, to the charging dock is three times as large as the clock will not …

Functionally, the well. It lacks the GPS that Sony’s clock has, but the 360 is in all cases beyond the Wireless charging is also the heart rate monitor. The latter is a bit tricky to find out how to get started, but once started, it acts perfectly okay to be an optical pulse meter.

The system in itself, however, is identical, which is kind of the thing with Android Wear. Download make patches to your Androidlur, connect the two and run. Do you like Google would get you Harrow with not fully reliable voice commands to do anything at all with the watch, but it is also excellent to download a launcher for it to launch apps via the touch screen instead.
What are the differences? LG’s watches , we have experienced some connection problems on the phone, while the problems were so few that we have not listed them in Sony’s clock. If there are connection problems or any of the other rat with the software when it comes to Moto 360 we don’t know, but it is scary quiet. It reacts whenever someone calls to you and shows off that information, however, unlike Sony’s clock is the almost total silence when it comes to view notifications. The same applies to the ever turned off the screen, for shaking a bit on your wrist to light it is not it is in nine cases out of ten, you may press the button on this page to see anything at all. Even this win Sony at having his sleep on the clock that actually shows the time all the time. Not even when the battery in the Moto 360 is low, as it happens faster than Sony’s Watch, would it say it and remind you of the charge. Instead, we find the oft-stone dead at his arm without the mentioned a word about it.
It is a pity, because it is definitely the best looking Androidklockan with the smoothest (albeit physically clumsy) charging solution. If you want to be fin may be suffering pin called it, and in the case of Moto 360 requires far more hands and an eye on how the watch is doing for it to function properly.