Test: Logitech K480

Logitech K480 allows you to pair the keyboard with your phone, Tablet and PC-at the same time. We have tested.

The first idea is that Logitech can better. This keyboard looks too plastic and heavy as hell while it creaks when you lift the. Byggkvaliten could have been better, and is better on most other Logitech keyboards. It looks like a Fischer Price toy. Why it is so heavily is a mystery, not the AAA batteries that power anyway.
But I will quickly over there. Dragplåstret, then, is that you can pair the keyboard with up to 3 devices (PC, Android, Ios, Mac OS, Chrome … you name it) and switch between them with a simple rotary knob. Pairing goes really smoothly, and the keyboard works correctly for the most part, with buttons matched to more than one system. Turn the dial to change the keyboard over to next device at any second.

At the top there is a rubber set for phone or tablet that gives a good angle on the unit, if you don’t have an Ipad Air 2 or a tablet with protective shell, but thicknesses in between are good.
When you do not pinch and feels on the keyboard, but have it on site, it is also nice to write with, with properly separated keys, although I would have liked a little slope and a lower front edge.

K480 is after all a pleasant experience, and it’s really awesome to be able to use your PC keyboard to write text, but precisely because I had wished for a more conventional, full-sized keyboard. This is hardly something you drag with itself, the keyboard is too heavy and has no protective cover, and if you’re going to have the stationary at their place of work, there is no reason why the keyboard should have reduced format.

I hope for more products from Logitech on this concept.