Test: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

Built-in projector is combined in this tablet with a quirky design and a screen that does not go by for hacks.

It’s not just the projector that makes Yoga Tablet 2 Pro in tablet range available today. Let’s start talking about the other properties before we get into the built-in projector. Lenovo has also previously released tablets with the Tablet for Yoga so characteristic table aid but it is still an unusual design detail. Together with its weight makes this Yoga Tablet 2 Pro much more into a desktop computer than other tablets. It is a bit too heavy to hold in some periods and it is simply the easiest to fold out table support and let the plate sit on the table in front of you. This in turn brings with it many things when it comes to use. The Android operating system is otherwise accessible for more flexible use. Other tablets can easily use in all directions, irrespective of whether the plate is lying, standing or up-and-down. It’s the apps designed for, but in this plate, it is obvious that everything should be in landscape mode as it is on the long side table support. Some apps that I download do not, however, find themselves in it and refuses to show up in any other mode than portrait. Maybe the world is not quite ready for the Lenovo Tablet yet. In some cases it appears to be about the app simply is made for portrait mode which can be acceptable when it is adapted for the phones, but hardly works for a tablet like this. Other times it seems rather to be a bug in the program. When it comes to apps, Lenovo has some ideas which we launched in Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. Every time I install a new app so asking me which folder I plate to place in it.


When starting the plate so there are three home screens where the first occupied by widgets, the other folders that you can populate with apps, and then a third which apps are placed a little more helter-skelter without being sorted into folders. So there is no separate appmeny, but everything you install on the plate falls directly on your home screens. It is thought that they prepared folders with names such as games, news, communication and Social should help you get some order on the apps here, but we certainly think that a separate appmeny would have been better with the ability to deploy only the apps you want, easily accessible from the home screen.

The apps that Lenovo themselves installed on the plate from the start are largely confined to the tools to easily export contacts, photos and more from an older device to your new and program to make backup of your most important data to Lenovo’s cloud storage service. It may seem a bit unnecessary, because the contacts already stored online at Google, but there are other apps with more thought behind.Lenovo Sketchpad is an app that allows you to draw with your finger over any screen image, perhaps especially useful if you are going to view the route on a map or view any detail on a Web page. The drawn image, you can then save as a screenshot and share anywhere.

Passive entertainment
Eframe app takes the Lenovo Tablet fixed to Yoga 2 Pro is a Tablet for passive entertainment. The screen size makes it difficult to comfortably control such as games or other apps that is based very much on the point on the screen at the same time that one should keep in the plate. Eframe app is something as simple as a picture frame where the plate simply displays photos from your albums in the plate showed in a slide show.


The feature of Yoga Tablet 2 Pro that is more suited for passive entertainment is so clearly the projector. There is an app called Projection, but you can turn on the projector by pressing a button on the side of the plate and everything that can be displayed on the screen can also be sent out at the same time in the form of a projection. The projector sits in bottom thick edge of the Tablet and to get a decent angle, you fold out table support in a right angle and put the plate at an angle against a flat surface. In plain daylight indoors, you can get a good picture of about a metre from a white wall, but then on the other hand, the image is smaller than the screen surface so it is not a useful scenario. To get good, tittbar picture with it, make the room dark and place the projector about two and a half meters from a white suitable wall. The result is a picture of, at best, about 40-50 inches. The brightness is acceptable and you can adjust the focus itself via a small lever next to the projector. The sound from the speaker base plate is really good but if you compare the big screen in the plate is the much better to look at compared to the projector’s image which makes use of the projector is doubtful. The resolution of the projector is considerably lower than the 2560 x 1440 on 13 inch, so in effect if you prefer to see on the screen that also is much brighter. It will be a bit of a paradox. The plate had been smaller and therefore easier to take with you on your journey or meetings had filled a major void projector. Now Yoga Tablet 2 Pro regarded as stationary and in combination with the large screen projector becomes less useful.

We have tested some similar products before and can see that Android, as so much is based on the touchscreen, may not be the most successful operating system of a device that most applied for passive entertainment. The format of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro makes it that said best suited to be on the table in front of you and then it will be ergonomically not at all successful if you need to control a lot of what’s going on with your hands stretched toward the screen.

On the other hand:

Daniel Hessel: 13 inch tablet is great to use and native support is certainly a welcome feature. The projector is well mostly fun, but can be fun in the summer cottage or similar.

Battery test
Battery video time: 5 h 11 min

Questions and answers

How does the projector battery life?
We were able to stream a Youtube video with both projector and screen on full brightness and then held the plate in three hours and 14 minutes before the battery gave out.

How can I use the screen size?
Some apps (email, Web browser, image gallery and video viewing, for example) can be displayed in the window on the screen in this way, if you want to work in multiple applications simultaneously.

What does the desktop support?
It keeps the plate in angled position and is infinitely adjustable so you can adjust freely. A hole in the support also means that you can hang up the plate on a hook, why you would want to do that.

An alternative:

Look at the image on the screen versus from the projector, the projector the most is a little fun thing and not contribute so much. Therefore, Lenovo’s own Yoga Tablet 10 be an alternative with similar functionality but without the projector and with a lower price.

Photo examples: above all it is the plate format, which makes it difficult to take pictures. You get easy access buttons on the page, but not even the images you take when you succeed is particularly good.