Test: Jabra Rox

Seamless wireless lurking from the Jabra with learning requirements.

If there is something that has been trending from headphone manufacturers this year so it is in ear headsets that really only consists of the actual headset and a cable between them so ridiculously small … Almost (all except the LG and Samsung hajat, then they run on bulky neck frill for the battery). Jabra has had time to acquire a full range of wireless stereoheadsets in this category. First up was the Rox, which stood as a template for subsequent models also.

It is a kind of first-generation product can be seen, for it is a couple of quite large in ear-plugs to be attached in their ears. It requires a lot of practice and tinkering with the different ear plugs and hooks for everything to sit comfortably and give good sound. You fail is the basis that first smoke, and soon afterwards slide headset out of the ears. With some practice, you can get them to sit comfortably and thus sound good, but it’s a much longer process than what we are used to.
Once in place, there is not much to complain about. The battery life is reasonable, but in terms of size, it feels a bit like we take what we get. The sound reaches may not top class, but quite sufficient for a few lurking in this class. However, we can not really let go of how difficult they are to learn to wear.