Test: Jabra Pulse

Wireless headset and the heart rate monitor in the same Gizmo sounds pretty futuristic. Do you play only after rules also Note it works really well.

Jabra was taking his Rox-headset, slim it down considerably and took the opportunity to build an optical pulse meter directly into the earpiece. It should give the same results as if you had the heart rate monitor on the wrist in the form of a watch or as a belt across the chest, but without the requirement to have an additional device on you during your run.

To Rox would work it took to actually concentrated you and both were careful in trying out the right combination of ear pads and fästvingar. Pulse is the same, but a bit more. Since an optical pulse meters in practice, a bulb, it is very sure that you have the correct adhesive pads and correct fastening to sunlight and similar light pollution should not leak in. Jabra’s own app has some truly exemplary guides and adjustable parts for you to learn how to draw it all right, but even so it requires, of course, a little learning period.

Jabra own app for Pulse also contains a complete fitness app to log your workouts via GPS. But the beauty of the crisis is that you don’t have to use it. Pulse sends out regular Bluetooth for music sound and low-power Bluetooth LE (Iphone 4s and forward or Androids with version 4.3 and above) of the heart rate monitor. Thus the Pulse works more or less like a regular heart rate monitor if you want to use it with apps like Runkeeper or Endomondo. However, you should not write off the Jabra own app completely after the initial settings. It’s exemplary good at helping you understand and take advantage of pulse measurement in your training. The training sessions that are made which can then be exported as CSV files, which most other apps can import via their respective Web services.
But enough about innovation, how it sounds and how is it? Really good actually. In volume terms, it involves almost half as much as the original headphone Rox-headphones, making sure they’re not bubbly around so much and securely even when on the move. Because you got to go to school to secure them, they also safely when the sweat makes itself felt. Fixing the school makes sure its for the sound to be optimized as well, for it sounds really good. Speech sound passes it without notes, but just that bit has the Jabra been doing forever, so we’re hardly surprised. The downside to this is that you can listen out loud out of five hours from the unit that most, often a bit shorter than that. This means that you don’t get into too many training sessions on one charge, but given all the technology it contains, we see it as approved.