Test: Honor 6

Experience and innovation. Honor combines fresh new thinking with Huawei’s experience.

Better than you think
Females 6 is better than what the price might lead you to believe. Those kinds of surprises are of course always welcome and it is mainly the screen that contributes to the positive first impression. Also positive is the performance so well in our performance tests that impression when we actually use the phone. It feels as if the Honor 6 is a top model to an exceptionally good price. It still speaks against a total tribute is probably primarily the material. The feeling when one picks up the phone is rather budget model and above all the edges in their smooth plastic makes the phone can be a little slippery to hold. Already after a few days of use, we may suspect the scratches in the plastic on the back of the phone without having been excessively careless with it.

It can sometimes be hard to not have a preconceived opinion when we test hundreds of mobile phones and get a new one in its place. The reason is of course that a lot is shared between the manufacturer’s various models, between different Android phones and within the same product families. Much is based on what has changed since the previous model and it makes it extra refreshing to deal with a new Mobile brand even if in this case it is not a secret that established Huawei is behind Females.

The operating system of Honor 6 is Android and Honor is launched as a brand with a promise to be unusually open for user suggestions on future updating and development. Females call for C2B (consumer-to-business), that is to say that consumers should be the source of the bets placed. The arrangement is recognized from for example Oneplus where Web forum and open the user dialog is said to shape much of the company’s plans. Just how receptive Females really are remains to be seen, and how quick they are with updates to new versions of Android. Today, there are no promises from Huawei if or when the phone should be updated to the new Android 5.0.

The system as it comes with (Android 4.4) and the extensions put on are unusually appealing, so the problem cannot be said to be acute. I notice several helpful extras that really simplifies. For example, you may be asked if you want to sync your holidays to the calendar and it’s very easy to manage applications, move icons and uninstall apps you don’t use directly from the home screen. One drawback, however, is that the phone does not have a comprehensive list of apps. In Honor 6 you will find all the installed apps along with any widgets, strösslade of all the home screens. It does, therefore, that the arrangement is similar to that of the Iphone, instead of that other Android mobiles have a separate app drawer and just add shortcuts to selected apps on the home screen. You can get used to this approach, but you have many apps, it can be difficult to find the right. Are you completely lost, it might be good to know that Google search on your phone also can find the apps you installed on the phone, so there is help available.


The camera gives a good first impression, but the images keep on closer examination don’t quite measure up. Every time I take pictures in a little worse lighting so a box up at the screen and says “the sharpness is improved … Hold the device “but it doesn’t seem to have any noticeable effect. On the contrary, we see the pictures worse than expected and when I drill down on the images in the computer in full resolution so deficiencies both in clarity and light. This does not reach the Females up in more than mediocre mid-range. In daylight, the images often suffer by that auto focus is, to say the least, haphazard and often miss. Given the phone’s price tag, with a little good will argue that the image results are acceptable.

Often when testing a mobile phone, we know, as I mentioned, right from the start what it is about. Price says a lot about what it will accomplish in terms of performance, camera and so on. Females 6 breaks the pattern a little bit and gives in some areas far more than one would expect when looking at the price tag. In General, it is clearly very phone per Crown. In addition to the highlights in the form of primarily screen and a slick simple interface offers features like sleep where the screen goes black and white and only features for calls, message and contact list is available, of course, with the idea that you should be able to be reachable for a long time but the battery to be charged so much. Some additional functions throw Females also offers such as backup via cloud storage service Bitcasa, its own app to showcase gold nuggets in Google’s app store both when it comes to apps and games, and from the start sending Honor even with a bunch of games (Asphalt 8 and Real Football 2015 among other things) pre-installed.

We put some question marks on how future developments to work. Females say that said that you should have a close dialogue with users, but on the phone, email is the only way to express their opinions so it’s hard for Females, or if it is Huawei to plan future development only on it. Any active user dialog, we don’t notice and Facebook link on your phone, go only to Huawei’s normal Facebook page. Maybe you should give Females a little more time, but at present it seems their unique approach most consist of the phone is not available in stores but only sold via her own website in collaboration with a single online store.

On the other hand
Elias Nordling: Plastic pages may seem cheap, but they actually gives your phone a real good grip. Otherwise, it’s just that the phone feels so quick to react when using it.

Questions and answers
How is quality feeling?
So-so, you can summarize. Shiny plastic on all pages work but feels hardly lavish or overly tough. Well considering the price tag, however.

What is the idea of Honor that brand?
It is difficult to answer. It’s no secret that it’s Huawei is behind. The special will be that Females are only sold via her own website and invite more to the user dialog. The latter, however, we have not yet noticed, so up to the evidence.

Best and worst with the interface?
That all apps end up helter-skelter with widgets on home screen makes it hard to find. However, there are several smart features in the interface that will help you with the other.

An option
With similar screen performance and lower price are both Google Nexus 5 and Huawei’s own Ascend P7 as sensible option.


Test chart
The camera sometimes has problems with the auto focus and often have trouble with images in a little worse lighting.