Test: Alcatel Onetouch Idol 2 Mini’s

Pretty budgetlur with quad-core processor, 4 g, and competitive price. Idol 2 Mini promises – but low res screen and lousy battery life means that you do not reach all the way.

One of the most interesting things about the mobile industry in constant change is how quickly the prices of some components. Idol 2 Mini’s are a good example of how it has been managed. Alcatel stow in a quad-core processor and support for Super-fast 4 g (CAT 4, 150 Mbit/s) in a 4.5-tumslur for a little over 2 500 SEK. Not bad, indeed.

We’ll start with a look at the outside. Idol 2 Mini’s have a fairly anonymous design – some would say direct dull – with a rich framework and back cover made of plastic. Phone’s front page has clearly rounded corners and sharp edges that can be experienced as something sharp, but the construction is solid and the slightly curved back makes the handset is good in the hand.

LCD monitor resolution is located at 540 x 960 pixels. With a size of 4.5 inch gets the low resolution extra clear, for example, through the visible pixels in the app icons and more. The brightness is clearly accepted, but the colors are somewhat dull and lacks a natural bounce.

Inside there is a quad-core system processor from Mediatek. For this price, you get no monster processor. The results of the performance tests are hardly impressed, but keeps all the same pace with other low lurk like the ZTE Blade Vec 4 g.

The user experience is better off with … the phone feels surprisingly rapp, and the gently modified version of Android 4.3 flows really nicely. There are several practical functions – including you can adjust and change the shortcuts to the different features available in the context menu of the handset in notiscentret.

It also offers many configuration options. The test images show that 8 megapixel camera does an okay job in good light, but it makes it much more difficult in darker environments.

Despite its advantages has the handset a big disadvantage that unfortunately pulls down on the overall impression considerably: battery life. We manage to squeeze out just over four hours from 2 000 mAh battery, which puts Idol 2 Mini’s in the bottom layer among tested lurking. Sharpening!

Question and answer:

What about updates? The handset should be in all cases get Android 4.4, Alcatel promised. But so far, lit the update by their absence.