Telstra Sell Prepaid SIMs in Kiosks

After we learned that Yoigo Add to your catalog a phone with Windows Mobile, they now warn that it will begin to sell SIM cards at kiosks, Besides in the distribution points that have until now: Phone House, Carrefour,…

The agreement with 30000 network will allow that Yoigo SIM cards can acquire 12000 kiosks throughout Spain from Thursday 20. These cards will come pre-activated and it will only be necessary to give our data to be able to start using them.

What is not very clear to me is whether the market for this type of card is so large as to put them on sale in kiosks. Taking into account that we will need a phone free in order to use them, it is not an impulsive purchase, which would make some sense, but simply to further expand its distribution network.