Telecommunications Industry Director Put in Place

Telecommunications industry Director put in place by the ICT Manager from Vejle Hospital, in case of mobile coverage at the hospital.

Telecommunications industry Director Jakob had to swallow its own words Willer, after erroneous opinion on mobile coverage around Vejle Sygehus.

Jakob Willer had stated that it was particularly bad, with coverage around Vejle Hospital, because the regions would not cooperate with telecommunications companies.

-“Why did we not, for example, mobile coverage from Vejle Hospital? We have not because we have failed to reach an agreement with the hospital about what it should cost. It was simply too expensive, so we didn’t come up there,” said Jakob Willer earlier than this, according to our site.

After Willers opinion says sick House ICT Chief Kenneth S J, that he is puzzled by Willers opinion and informs that at the hospital’s master from both our site.

Then pulling Jacob Willer in the country, and informs us that there really enough is the master for 2 g, but now clarifies that in the context of enlargement to the 3 g was called for a large increase in price from the hospital, why it was not established.