SwiftKey on Sale 50% Celebrating Its 150,000 Valuations with 5 Stars

SwiftKey has been and is considered by many as the best keyboard for Android devices. It realizes its rating in the app store for Google, which with nearly 200,000 appraisals maintains an average of 4.6 stars.

Is neither more nor less than the consequence that 76% of their evaluations are five stars, which leads to SwiftKey boys celebrate their 150,000 maximum scores. There was something to be celebrated to promote sales of this keyboard, which reduces to 50% to celebrate this brand again.

In this way, the application is located in the 1.99 EUR for a limited and specified time. If you have not yet tried this application or to change the keyboard your device default, from Xataka Android we encourage you to give you an opportunity taking advantage of the offer or testing its free version.

Swiftkey 4version 4

  • Version of Android: Depending on device
  • Developer: TouchType Ltd.
  • Download it in: Google Play | Swiftkey 4 (Full Version, mobile, of payment) | Swiftkey 4 (Trial, mobile) | Swiftkey 4 (Full Version, tablets, payment) | Swiftkey 4 (Trial, tablets)
  • Price: €1,99
  • Category: Tools