Status on 3s Rollout of 4 G LTE

While we wait for that our site launches the long-awaited 4 g LTE network, then cover the phone company more and more Danes.

While our site as we know again have postponed their plans for 4 g LTE for the month of March, then builds the competitor 3 further on their 4 g network in rapid pace.
Our site promised in the summer also 4 g LTE for their customers, and rollout of 4 g LTE is going more or less according to plan.

At the end of November could tell our site that the phone company had rolled out 4 g LTE on 513 cell towers.

Momentum in 2013

But how is it gone during the two first months of 2013 and what is 3s plans for 2013? has therefore asked 3s Communications Manager, Stine Green Paulsen, on how the rollout of 4 g LTE goes.

3S strategy is that cover widely throughout the country with the company’s 3 g network. Today, 99 percent of 3s 3 g networks upgraded to 32 Mbit/s.

The telecommunications company’s 4 g network be extended mainly there, where the company’s customers are-which is in the major cities and in North Zealand. That is why 3s level in 2013 as in 2012, to expand and improve the 4 g coverage in 69 cities, which got 4 g in 2012.

But Stine Green Paulsen points out, however, that there will be new cities.

-“Our plan is to continue expansion in several major cities across the country. In relation to put concrete names, then we will very loath it. We depend on a number of external factors such as building permits, and there is therefore no guarantees exactly where it will be, “says Stine Green Paulsen and resolutions:

-“It will be a pity to disappoint a lot of people, if we plan a mast in their territory and do not get a building permit.

The plan is amended

The target for 2012 sounded in summer of about 800 cell towers with 4 g LTE, and the goals reached the phone company not quite. Status per 21. December was that the phone company had reached to upgrade 570 cell towers with 4 g.

With entrance to March 2013, phone company 723 4 g cell towers in operation. But the figure does not cover over that 3 is backward compared to the baseline for the is changed.

-“Compared to the 800, first we had planned, we also have reprioritised our building plans in such a way that we have given priority to build 4 g/LTE at 1800-MHz on our Copenhagen and århus sites – here we already had 4 g, but at 2600 MHz, and with the launch of the iPhone 5 with 4 g/LTE it became necessary to upgrade them with 1800 MHz,” says Stine Green Paulsen.

Building permits are the Joker

In 2013, the goal is approximately between 500 to 600 new 4 g LTE cell towers, and Stine Green Paulsen stresses that it is of course is an estimate, because there are many unknown factors such as our site building permits.

-“Last year, it took about three quarters for the majority of construction permits – and we are talking alone upgrade of existing 3 g-master – not setting up new ones,” says Stine Green Paulsen.

3, however, is not afraid of running out of kapacietet, although 3 currently grows both in number of customers and the data traffic, as the company has in its network.

-“We can see that more and more of our customers get devices that support 4 g. And we can see that the data traffic steadily and quietly growing. However, there are still plenty of capacity in the network in relation to surf, upload/download and stream. Currently growing our customer base in General – so that way you can say that sales are going well. ”

Stine Green Paulsen notes also know that the company is in a strong position in the Danish consciousness.

To the question of “who has the best 4 g network”, the largest share of 32 percent of Danes, according to the current studies 3 sheep created by Gallup that it has 3.

Although 3 primarily deploys their network in the big cities, so, however, we at have noticed that 3 have already rolled out 4 g LTE elsewhere. URF.eks. have Lalandia in Rodby, Jyllinge and the area north of Randers already gotten 4 g LTE coverage.