Starting April Joyn Will Come Preinstalled on The Mobile MoviStar, Vodafone and Orange

We have followed closely the development of Joyn Since it became official a year ago, an application designed to compete against WhatsApp, which removed the operators SMS market. However, as expected, operators want to impose it, either on annoying updates and, as expected, pre-installed on handsets from operators.

It is a movement that was to come, but we did not know dates when you started to make effective. Finally the three big operators, Movistar, Orange and Vodafone, they will begin to bring series on their mobiles from April. All this would be logical if at least mobile phones come subsidized as it was something less than a year ago, not now that are mostly only funded.

This is the only chance they have of getting their application to be used, but nothing points to it will please consumers, in the same way as ChatOn It is in Samsung handsets and its that is testimonial. This motion should have been done a year ago, when there was no such competition, although Joyn is beta.

But the biggest problem comes for who does not want nor see, maybe not You can uninstall without being ROOT. Many users who do not know how to do it or not can be a terminal company will be forced to load an application that the market does not want to, something that cannot be accepted. And all this without that then get nothing effective more than annoy.