Sony’s Smart Mobile Phone Cases Tested

Sony’s shell is plastic, have awful locks, and are useful.

Sony has, almost on the sly, released a series of smart casing to their mobiles. They come to Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact now, and a model to the Xperia Z2 is underway. The shells have as main attraction, just as similar products at Samsung and LG’s phones, a window at the front where you can access some of the features of the phone without opening the cover. We have tested SCR26 to Z3 Compact.

The shells are available in the same colors as the phones are sold in and is very much made of plastic. It’s probably the first time I hear myself say this, but Sony should watch how Samsung made for making shells less plastic. A plus side with material selection, however, is that the shell becomes really thin and therefore do not add so much to your phone’s thickness.

Another problematic design detail is that you attach to the shell on the cell phone with double sided tape. You cannot take it off once you put on it. “All contacts and gaps are indeed available without having to open or remove the front cover, and as a bonus, send Sony even with an adapter to its desktop stand that fits the mobile phone with the peel on. But in turn to two narrow strips of plastic serves as the hinge of the phone. They will go broke.

But without a doubt the worst part is flärpen that keep the lid closed. It is attached not with magnetic locks as well is the industry standard, but with a push button, one of those as a child has on his overalls. I can’t describe in words how awful it looks and it has not even been trying to get flärpen to look stylish out closed. Button adds a lot to the thickness and gives the phone something to get stuck in. This button takes on its own away two points from the score for the shell.

The shell is equipped with NFC and when you pair it with your phone is charging software for the window down. If you then turn on the cell phone with the lid closed, you get a thumbnail screen where you can use some of the phone’s features. In its basic version, you have the clock, weather, music player and camera shortcut (for some reason, you can only shoot still images, not the film, with the lid closed). You can add more widgets that are accessed by swiping between. Sony sends a part and a whole lot of phone’s regular widgets, but not all, works. Most I miss Google Play Music widget.

The shell is doing its job to protect the phone’s front and back pages from scratch or to burst, and it’s so thin is a bonus, but there is clearly room for improvement of the product. Do you care not about feature window or if your phone gets thicker, I would instead recommend a leather case in a little more class from Krusell.