Sony SmartWatch 3 Stainless Steel Wrist Strap

Sony presents a new model with case and stainless steel strap for smart watch

As the hours pass, it is increasingly clear that the wearables and smartwatch being one of the main attractions of the technology fair held these days in Las Vegas. Although we have already seen some as the OneTouch Watch Alcatel or two new models of Omate, Sony did not want to miss the opportunity and presented an update of its SmartWatch 3.

The third generation smart watch Sony has just won in style and design thanks to thenew stainless steel version just presented by the company. If the case and silicone strap was presented with the SmartWatch 3 Original not convinced you, now you can give a new opportunity to the device thanks to this new setup.

Of course, the clock specifications are exactly the same as found in the model hit the market a few months ago: screen 1.6 inch 320 x 320 pixels, quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz , 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal storage, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and battery with 420 mAh capacity. In addition, inside it runs Android Wear, becoming the first smartwatch Sony to adopt another OS other than itself.

On the other hand, Sony has also announced that in the coming months will launch a special cover for SmartWatch 3, as the best running smartwatch, will allow us to attach straps we want, the only requirement that we must meet is that these are 24mm. There is no doubt that following the presentation of Apple Watch, more and more companies are committed to offer different customization options to users, because as self Jony Ive said: “we do not see us all with the same clock.”

Sony also allow attaching the strap 24 mm we want to SmartWatch 3 in the coming months

Finally, the company also confirmed that it is working with various developers to enhance the functionality of the clock. For example, this month all units of Sony SmartWatch 3 will receive the Golfshot and iFit apps. But certainly the big announcement software has been the arrival of Sony Lifelog app for the device, a smart manager will allow us to manage our training smarter, plans, goals, exercises and more.

As we see in BGR, Sony has shown that wants to come up on the chariot of the smartwatch longer and the new update of your device might pique the interest of other public so far had remained away from his platform.

What do you think of the new SmartWatch 3 of stainless steel? Do not you think that is now much more wearable?