So Much Space to Be Stolen in Your Smartphone

You do not get the memory you think when you buy a new smartphone. Much of the 16 or 32 GB is used by the manufacturer in advance.

It must be a model with 16 or 32 GB of memory? The choice facing many consumers each day, when to buy new phone. But even if the package says URf.eks. 16 GB, then it’s not the space you have available for music, photos, applications, etc.

In advance, the manufacturer seized a large amount of space to the operating system and built-in applications, which cannot be removed by the user.

The top model Samsung Galaxy S4 sold in Denmark with 16 GB of memory, but more than half have Samsung already used when the phone is switched on. There is, therefore, only 8.5 GB free in the internal memory.

Sony Xperia Z, also with 16 GB, 11.4 GB free to users while HTC One, which comes with 32 GB of memory, have 25.29 GB free after startup. 16 GB version of the iPhone 5 have 13.5 GB of space available, while in a 64 GB iPhone 4S are 57.39 GB available.

Some phones, but not all, have the opportunity to have added more memory, by inserting a memory card, but it is an additional cost to the buyer.