Smartwatch Yahoo Answers

Yahoo expects a “great evolution” of wearables from the arrival of the Apple Watch market

At this point, very few doubts remain about the wearables, and more specifically the smartwatch have all the ballots in its favor to become the next great technology revolution. During this year 2014 in a few days behind us , the market leading technology companies have already shown their cards in relation to this new category of devices, and is expected to be even more fruitful in this regard next year.

One of the companies could be encouraged to launch its own smartwatch Yahoo would be something that would be really surprising, as the company has missed the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of smartphones and tablets in recent years to focus exclusively on software. What has drawn attention of wearable technology?

According says Adam Cahan, senior vice president of the mobile division of Yahoo questions and answers, he explained in an interview that its developers often were “somewhat reluctant to enter the game hardware”, but clarified that “never say never” about to the creation of a smartwatch wearables or to make use of a truly innovative feature .

Although production plans of a smartwatch by Yahoo would be long-term, in the short term the company has high expectations for the launch of Apple Watch in 2015. Cahan said that Apple is close to another successful and is very concerned about the adoption of smart watch by users. In fact, Apple smartwatch has appeared many times on the cover of Yahoo News Digest, the Yahoo News app for smartphones that summarizes the most important current events in a few lines.

Yahoo already working on new forms of content and do not rule smartwatch create your own

In fact, at the moment Yahoo is already working on new forms of content that can fit with the nature of the smartwatch, because as explained Product Manager of the company Nick D ‘Aloisio: the smartwatch will provide a new platform to consume information.

As we read in Wareable, there is no doubt that the smartwatch are attracting the attention of big companies in the market, although all of them are waiting for the starting gun as Apple with its smart watch when it launches early next year.