Smartphones Gives Less Sales in the Supermarket

The Danes lower fewer impulse purchases because of smartphones.

When the Danes use their smartphones in the queue in the supermarket, so they buy fewer impulse items. It is a problem for the supermarkets that lose revenue, but smartphones also allows for more sales elsewhere in stores. It writes our site.

-“Actually saw the same effect, since your phone for the first time made its entry in the minds of consumers. I remember a case from Brazil, where you could see a drop in sales of chocolate bars in small kiosks. Instead of eating a chocolate bar while they waited for the bus, so they now stood and SMS’ede, “said Claus Andersen, strategic Director at OMD to our site.

But even if the supermarkets initially lose money to consumers using time on their smartphone instead of making impulse purchases, so there is also great potential for supermarkets. If you know how to take advantage of the new technologies such as our site. QR barcodes or NFC, so you will be able to increase sales elsewhere in stores.

-“So if I have to summarize, so is the smart phone and the new devices a very great gift for the advertisers, but we will see” clumsy “examples that procurement moves from one shelf to another,” says Claus Andersen to our site.