Showfy: Save Images And Videos, Share With Friends And Enjoy The Smart TV

MAGIX, with showfy, launches a new free online storage for photos and videos. But much more than your recordings online to save off: the service also takes care of the presentation, and sharing with friends and acquaintances. Works with appropriate apps for smartphones, tablets and even smart tvs.

Sign up and get started

To use the cloud, you simply create free access under If you use other MAGIX products and have created a MAGIX account for it, doesnt the registration with this data. After signing 2 gigabytes of storage available free available for readers of the COMPUTER screen (issue 05/15) there are also 3 more gigabytes for your snapshots. Do you want to create a gallery (stream) from it, that works out to the Smartphone and the PC: gallery name, choose images, upload, ready. MAGIX provides the mobile apps free for the Android phone, iphone and Windows phone smartphones.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG & co.

Share with friends and family

The picture galleries you have created must be reserved not only to you but. On request, you share the recordings with friends and acquaintances. If you would like to enter even the permission to add images also guests of the gallery. Also comments and marking favorites are possible for the cloud community. This is convenient, for example, during joint travel because everyone with his snapshots helps to hold the memory of the holiday. And also at weddings and other family celebrations are so versatile media collections that can fill all the members of the gallery.

Slideshow also on the smart TV

Its own app offers showfy for owners of current smart tvs. It is available in the stores of almost all large television manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Philips and Toshiba for free download. Within the app, all created and shared galleries, you play as a slide show in the large-screen format presents an overview. Practically: In this way put together a short slide show with the best impressions on the spot at home in no time on vacation. So even Grandma can see on their smart TV, what happens when you travel.

On what TV klappts?

The showfy app for smart tvs running on most devices of the big manufacturers, which have been produced over the years 2013 and 2014. Including TV Alliance, a cooperation of the companies LG, Philips, Panasonic, and Toshiba also the models of so-called are smart. A list of the models of these brands support you find on the overview page Smart Television Alliance. In addition, it is showfy for owners of Samsung tvs available, which have been produced within the last two years. For information on which models are in the following list.

MAGIX showfy: this Samsung tvs are

UHU series devices: UHU 6900, UHU7000, UHU5900, UHU6000, UHU7500, UHU8500, UHU8500, UHU8500CV, UHU9000, UHU9800, UHU7500 UH series devices: UH4500, UH4570, UH6400, UH6410, UH6500, UH6600, UH6700, UH7000, UH7100, UH5500, UH6300, UH5570, UH6200, UH4303, UH5303, UH6203
US series devices: US9CN, US9VCN, US9V, UF9000, US9, H8000C, PE8500, US9V, US9VCN, US9CN, US9
UF series: UF8000, UF8200, UF7000, UF7400, UF7450, UF7500, UF8500, UF7200, UF7120, UF7100 , UF7150, UF6900, UF6800, UF6700, UF6600, UF6540, UF7000, UF7400, UF7450, UF7500, UF8000, UF8200, UF8500, UF6510, UF6500, UF6470, UF6450, UF6420, UF6400, UF6360, UF6330, PF5500, UF6370, UF6350, UF6300, UF6200, UF5700, UF5500, UF5400, UF5300, UF4500, UF7000, UF7400, UF7450, UF7500, UF8000, UF8200, UF8500, UF9000
UES series devices: UES7000, UES7500, UES8000, UES9000, UES9010, UES9500, UES7000, UES7500, UES8000, UES9000, UES9010, UES9500
devices of other series: H8800, PF5500, PF5200, KF9500 , KS9C, PF8500, PE7000, PE8000