Send Postcards with New Danish Application

You no longer need to chase down the traditional postcard and the nearest post office when you’re on vacation – now you can send from the new application.

We have previously written about the popular postcard application TouchNote, where you can take a picture and subsequently send a greeting to your loved ones, for 1.5 Euro receives a plain paper-postcard. You can even get your GPS position on the map.

Now there is a new Danish application, iPostkort, which gives you the same opportunities. With iPostkort installed on your smartphone, you don’t think of neither stamps or post office/-cash abroad. The write our site.

You take a picture with your mobile phone, type a greeting, the recipient’s address and pay with your credit card. Then the card will be printed and shipped to your family or friends within three days.

It costs 24.50 dollars to send a card regardless of the country of which the recipient is located.

You can download the application for free in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.