Samsung Improves Facial Unlocking Making You Blink

Google now includes facial unlocking in your operating system Android 4.0. It’s a mode of unpublished release that many surprises, equal parts that others indignant, since you already saw that it was possible to access the phone with a simple photograph of the owner.

Samsung has presented this morning officially the “ Value Pack ” for the Samsung Galaxy S, where already incorporates this functionality, on a basis of Android 2.3.6. And such which has not placed it, but it has reinforced it with an additive, make you blink to unlock the phone.

It is a system that It avoids to unlock the terminal with a static image, such as a photograph. We’ll see if really it is a lead or a failure, since if the own face static Google unlock fails already in poor lighting conditions, I imagine an epidemic of epileptic seizures to unlock the phone.