Samsung Gear Round Smartwatch

Samsung will introduce its first round smartwatch at MWC and its design will be at the level of Apple Watch or Moto 360

Although the real battle to conquer the smartwatch market has not yet begun, it isalready beginning to glimpse what will be one of the keys to conquer wrists users: the design. At present, few smartwatch on the market that have a really attractive design smartwatch-and themselves do not understand the last Activité Pop.

Except for the Apple Watch and the Moto 360, the other models yet still keeps traces of the technological and industrial appearance that not all users like alike.

Samsung Gear Round Smartwatch

Of all the companies that have entered to compete for this market, Samsung is by far the most models launched and, with his last Gear S, it seems that the South Koreans want to follow the same strategy with their smartphones: the larger, best.

However, so that their smart watches can succeed, Samsung should do more to increase the size of your screen and start solving its outstanding design task. Indeed, recent rumors that have appeared on the matter say the company is already working on a new smartwatch which will feature a completely new design and for the first time, will have a circular screen.

As the company revealed itself through one of its patents, the first LED smartwatch Samsung will debut at MWC in Barcelona to be held next May. At present, the codename under which the next clock hides Samsung is “Orbis” and will become the first model of the bracelet LED watch that has a circular screen.

“Orbis”, the codename of the first smartwatch Samsung with circular screen, Tizen and not run Android Wear

In addition, in line with the latest models launched by Samsung, this new smartwatch not count on Android Wear, but with the operating system developed by the company Tizen. Yet we know what will be the version of Tizen running on the new circular screen, but obviously will require changes in the interface to make it comfortable to use.

As we read in SamMobile, it seems that Android Wear still can not get all the attention of companies who decide to create their own smartwatch, because as we have seen over recent months and especially at CES 2015, many of them they are choosing to incorporate their own OS. This could result in a market highly fragmented in terms of operating systems, a real headache for developers.