Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Spotted in Black

Galaxy Note 8.0 published last week during MWC, but only a white variant has been shown until now, where a black variant is spotted.

An anonymous source has leaked a picture that looks like an official press photo, to the website our site that shows Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 in the color Charcoal Black.

So far, the new entity would otherwise only seen in a white (marble white) variation despite Samsung otherwise had a huge booth at Mobile World Congress, where they could have showcased it in multiple color variations.

But the black variant was so filed. However, not so far away, so it is not spotted.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 comes to sales in Europe during the second quarter of this year and will have a suggested retail price of 4,699 dollars for 4 g-series and 3,400 crowns for the WiFi issue. You can see all the specifications on your device here.