Safe-App: Insurance In Your Pocket

Accident, legal protection, dental auxiliary education insurance and, and, and probably nobody can argue about he is properly insured. The insurance offer is too tricky, messy and suspicious beaugt. So it is not surprising that 90 percent of Germans are wrong insured according to the insured. Forward wants to help the start-up plan. His app safe to allow a simpler handling with insurance companies and perhaps replace the broker. Our site shows whether that is realistic, image.

An app, all insurers

The safe app there are already free for ios, but so far only through the website. An Android version will follow in the coming weeks. The app asks for the download and the registration email address, after existing insurance. The best your insurance folder is ready maybe for the last time. Because according to your inputs to the person safe applied for the management of the documents with the respective insurance company. To sign a so-called broker mandate for safe with your finger on the Smartphone screen. Currently up to four weeks before the start-up has the data by insurers. The data remain on European servers and serve only founder of Christian Wiens reassures users. After data transmission users via safe access to all insurance documents, sees runtimes, services, and contacts to the insurer at a glance.

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Manage and advise

Plan forward managed insurance premiums already several hundred thousand euros and receives commissions from the companies for customer service. Because if you have questions to an insurance company, can call a plan-forward two consultants from currently free. Through the connection of all insurance companies in an app we can the user indicate missing insurance, to Vienna. 25 percent of the cost of insurance put forward according to plan in administrative and sales costs alone.

Potential savings for the daring

EUR 200 for the legal expenses insurance 50 euro to the insurance broker went to this account each year. Because safe wants to replace the broker and operates without contact person on-site, that wants to save start up its customers much money: since insurance contracts in the long term, up to 10,000 euros can be saved with safe over the life, says Christian Wiens. But this also means that safe users on uncertain terrain go. Who knows himself well on his insurance and rarely claim takes the advice of the insurance broker, which sure has his fun with safe. In particular the access to all insurance documents in digital form is long overdue in this day and age. Do you but trust your agent, then you should just between savings and performance balance.