Robots Used in Everyday Life

Is man of the near future of robots in daily life can be operated? An overview of the new intelligent vacuum cleaner, talking toilets and self propelled window washer.

In the 1950s, there was a commonplace-introducing that in the following generation wise and resilient robot would go the people’s everyday life at hand when shopping, clean and even the satisfaction of erotic desires. In practice, people-shaped machines only as extras in film and television, often in the form of the machine has become malignant, such as the revolt of the robots in the film “Westworld” or as smart, but urbes robotic garage in the film “The Devil’s seed” appeared. Only in the past two decades real robots won slowly a place in niches of the digital entertainment industry, logistics and in the budget itself.

Robots in everyday lives

These are usually to robots that most inhuman act. The female voice in smartphones with IOS or Android operating system as is a robot, so a machine that does some work for the people in the true sense. The word comes from the modern Czech literature and references a fron workers, so a non-free, ministering people. According to this definition, the suction and wiping robot real robots are, because programs are stored in their chips that ensure a clever cleaning of carpets and floors. According to internetdict, the wiping robot automatically avoid obstacles or at least remember when and where in the room they are pushed against a chair leg or a refrigerator. The same applies to the disc wiping robots that clean the glass in several passages, by first dampen it, then apply soap and dry at the end.

Robots in everyday life