Roboto Slab, The New Font Serif of Android

One of the main novelties introduced Ice Cream Sandwich version on Android was Holo interface and typography Roboto, a font of text designed so it would be well in any density screens and now this one, Google has not created Roboto Slab.

While Rotobo is a sans-serif type text (without embellishments at the ends of the lines of the characters) Roboto Slab It is a source of the type serif (grace or serifs, with ornaments). Then we see a comparison of the two fonts to see the differences:

The new typography Roboto Slab It has already been used by Google for its application Google Keep when it comes to show the text of the notes written by the users. It is unknown if Google will use it in more applications or if this new source of text will come from series in 5.0 Android (Key Lime Pie).

Currently the font Roboto Slab It has four font styles (thin, clear, normal and bold) that we can already download to install on your computer or on your Android device if we are root.

Download: Roboto Slab * d-hs.t * Android File Host * Rapidshare * Mediafire * Mirrorcreator

Download: Roboto