Review: Plantronics Backbeat Pro

Plantronics enters among the large consumer headset with a headset, packed with technology, convenience and awesome sound.

Parrot Zik has been a competitor on the theme “how much stuff can we really tap into a headset” in the form of Plantronics Backbeat Pro. Here we are invited to turn off automatically when we take from us the headphone, noise cancellation with a special button to allow speech audio without having to take off your headset, NFC, AptX, DSP and a battery that can play music in one day if you so wish.

The list of features is long and the only Parrots monsterlur has to offer that Plantronics does not have is an app with a little fluffy equalizer settings that still is not used very often. As far as it will go to physically test the above functions so they work really well.

If you are a member of the crowd who don’t get wise on the touch controls for major lurking you can here enjoy all the controls are natural. A steering wheel on the right side handle volume and there is also the huge response button and current switching. Left ear steering wheel replace song and the equally big button on the side is acting on the play/pause button and found the switch for noise reduction. Simply much easier to manage than flaccid touch controls. Headset capable also of playing right out loud if it would suit you.
Controls and technical lull-lull is one thing, but the sound and comfort is what tends to be the question when we’re talking big headphones. If we start with the sound so it sounds far better than the much more expensive Parrot Zik ever up and we had guessed at a higher price tag just seen to the sound. Even with active noise cancellation, it sounds good, but where do the little problems to quickly switch between treble and bass and first quarter second when a piano loop (which sounds completely magically) are joined by a far too heavy bass takes the base over a little too much. As soon as the music levels out also makes no compromise on it, but the Quick Shop is actually the only thing we have to complain about the sound quality the way with these headphones. Because Plantronics comes from more professional headset, we have nothing to complain about when it comes to speech sounds. If you are in a noisy environment, it works better to plug in the headset with the supplied power cord and talk into the microphone, but even wireless, it sounds really good.

Comfort then? We have run it at us almost constantly for a couple of working days and is constantly amazed at how light the feels and how little they chafe, even with glasses on the skull. When they enclose the whole ear is of course a bit hot, but it gets to be reckoned with when it comes to big cons, but they sit comfortably almost indefinitely, which is a feat in itself.

You can then get hold of them over two thousand with some searching makes them feel tremendously affordable compared to many other large lurking. Simply spot on.