Review: Plantronics Backbeat Fit

Plantronics Jabra succeed as aimed against most times within sportlurar.

Water resistant wonder that will be used during the training that fits well and let through enough ambient sound to you not to be a traffic hazard is something we familiarized ourselves with the Jabra Sport series twice before. Unfortunately, the ability to listen to music and hear the outside world has come at the expense of sound quality have been totally useless.

Plantronics BackBeat is the same Fit version theme with a wireless stereo headset paired with a half-rigid neck strap. Headphones are a little more in half an ear-type that we’ve seen, inter alia, that standardlurar to the Iphone (even though they hardly were the first). It gives a bit more sound insulation, but still enough transmission to an urban running tour not to be life-threatening. It also means that the sound quality gets a huge boost when compared with Jabra variations, particularly for the base.
As träningslurar do they work well, too. Winter running with collars, blazers and thicker clothes can mess a bit with the jumper to the headset, but despite that, they are still solid and good in the ear and the jumper to spite is never so heavy that they rub against your ears.As a small bonus, you also get a sportarmband to keep the handset in. Unlike headset is the bracelet, however, hysterical, but ugly is hardly something that pulls down the grade.