Really Useful Hybrid Video Recorder

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A H VR enables you to use a mixture between analog cameras and IP cameras. Can often be a HVR be really useful in connection with upgrading of existing video surveillance systems. This means that if you have a few old analogue cameras lying and you want to apply these to the “new” IP-based system, so then it is actually possible to recycle the old ones. In other words, you only need to pull new cables to your IP cameras, of course, unless you are using wireless IP cameras.

Supports 8 channels (IP/Analog)

SEV-HVR2008 supports up to 8pcs analog surveillance cameras or up to 8pcs IP cameras. You decide how the distribution must be between the cameras. You have therefore free opportunity to put together a solution that fits your exact needs.

The recorder supports cameras with a resolution up to 720p and can live to reproduce all 8 channels.

It’s easy to find the saved recordings. You just need to specify the period for recording period, and the recorder will automatically navigate to the saved recordings with the date and time of the video recording. You decide whether to be absorbed by scheduled in the established period of time, whether it should have motion detection which will decide when to record. In this way, it is easy to set up your system to record on crooked and irregular, as well as fixed and times.


HVR recorder can max apply 1 paragraph 2TB hard drive. That is why it is a good idea to take regular backup if you use 720p on all 8 channels.