Qualcomm: Four New Snapdragons with 64-Bit Technology

Is the number of cores, as well as the frequency on the data sheets of the most smartphones and tablets at the processor. The exact model is often uncredited. In fact, the majority of commercially available devices anticipates processors of manufacturer Qualcomm. Which is called its Snapdragon chips and has just four new announced. Of

Middle class: Snapdragon 620 and 618

Snapdragon is the faster of the two fresh middle class chips 620. It’s an OCTA-core processor with so-called big-little architecture. Four nimbler A72-cortex cores start with complex tasks (video playback, games-apps), while four cortex-A53 cores expected in normal operation. At the slightly slower 618 Snapdragon Qualcomm has saved two of the cortex-A72-chips, he has only six cores. Both you have the memory bandwidth thanks to a dual-channel operating improves. This allows, for example, the recording and playback of 4K-Inhalten, so the manufacturer. Both the 620 as also the 618 support LTE of category 7, reaching a speed of 300 megabits per second (Mbit / s) so when downloading. Optimizations, there is also the sound unit and at the integrated Adreno GPU.

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Beginners: Snapdragon 425 and 415

Also the beginners Snapdragon chips 425 and 415 offer improvement in the graphics and are 64-bit compatible. The OCTA-core processors offer a novelty in the 400 series cortex-A53 cores. There is an important difference in the LTE speed: while the Snapdragon 425 like his big brothers and sisters with 300 Mbit / s, only half creates the 415. All four newcomers to the Snapdragon equipped with the quickcharge 2.0 technology; Qualcomm promises shorter stopping.


Prima: Qualcomm brings with the new Snapdragon chips upper-class features in the low processor families. According to the manufacturer first smartphones and tablets with the fresh chips in the second half of the year appear.