Play Legacy We Will Help Find The Applications That We Have Purchased

For writing in this blog I have bought numerous applications to analyze them, so many that I have almost lost count of how much I have spent on my Android Terminal software. Fortunately I can download payment applications whenever you want to and terminals that wants whenever they are connected to my account, but they do not have a special section for this.

When we go to the apps section to see all the applications that we have downloaded, without specifying what are that we paid and we know that we have paid a correct price. Luckily we have a community not to gradually improve the Android system in their own way, and for this purpose we have with Play Legacy.

This program collects some ancient Play Store capabilities to be able to give us this function. It can be install on all terminals without Jelly Bean without ROOT, but in case of own it or not we installed must move the installer to /system/app and make chmod 664, an unnecessary action but which may be necessary for many