Plan Family of Google Play Comes to Spain: You Can Already Share Your Purchases and Music Subscription with Your Family

You can already share your Google Play purchases with your family. The Google Play family plan Finally lands in Spain after being released in several countries about six months ago.

Thanks to the family plan up to six members they will share their purchases of apps, games, movies and music subscription. In this way, with which a member purchase an application or game, the rest of the family can download it to your device without having to pay.

Family collection

To enjoy of the Google Play family plan you only have to open the application Play Store and access to Account > family. There now you only have to create the family collection by adding an family payment, Add up to five family members (six in total with us) and select that shopping want to share with them. Which creates the family group will be the administrator.

Add a member of the family is as simple as sending them an invitation by mail or SMS so join our family collection. We can invite anyone, Google does not verify that it is really a family, We can add friends. We can only belong to a family collection.

We can say that automatically add all of our applications, games and movies to the family collection or we can do it manually from each content card activating the new option Family collection.

In the section “my applications and games” or “My movies” will seem the contents of payments that the members of our family are sharing. Each Member can share with the rest of the family shop.

Family payment

All members of the family may pay with family payment. Members under 18 years of age will need administrator to approve purchases. The rest of the family can make purchases without problems. Only administrator can request approval for purchases for those over 18 years.

Google Play Music family plan

The administrator can also subscribe to the new family plan of Google Play Music from 14.99 euros per month so up to six members of the group can enjoy from music without limits. Here each Member will have their own recommendations and playlists, as their was an individual subscription.