Perfekt Camouflage – Puro Camou Cover Til iPhone 5C

Perfekt camouflage – Puro Camou cover til iPhone 5C

Today we present you an attractive mobile cover of Puro, which matches the color of your iPhone 5C! A reputable manufacturer of mobile accessories, Puro, presented his new collection of covers, specially designed for iPhone 5C. With its camouflage effect in several colors, will this cover to give a perfect fit for the brand new Apple phone.


Thanks to its ultra-thin design, does not cover extra weight or thickness to the colorful iPhone 5C. Camou-cover is soft, but provides lasting protection against bumps and scratches. Because it is tailored to the latest iPhone model, you will always have free access to all ports, buttons and other features on the phone. In addition there is a discrete-Puro logo on the back of the product.
Puro Camou available in the same color options as the iPhone 5C: white, pink, yellow, blue and green, so you can find a cover that matches the color of the phone, or you can make different combinations.