Overview: The First Impression Galaxy S4, Google Play Is Updated and iPhone 5S Perhaps Already for July

Galaxy S4 has just come in to your local stores-read our first impressions and more in this week’s overview.

Samsung has just started sales in the last weekend of this year’s top model, Galaxy S4, and you have the past week could read our first impressions of the awaited sequel to Galaxy S III.

Google Play has just received a major update, which among other things offers a new design. On the start page is now seen two great app-icons and when scrolles vertically to switch between e.g. “Recommended”, “best paid”, etc. the wish list from the earlier version are kept. Here you can set the applications you want to download or purchase at a later time.

Now the year’s great Android-top models, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, has come on the market as is “iPhone 5S-rumors” got under way in earnest. The latest rumors predict we already get a new iPhone version on 20. July.