Overview: Flirting to Hysterical Price War, Galaxy S IV Presentation Confirmed and Danes Positive Opposite HTC One

This week has borne much imprint of Mobile World Congress, but there have been different in the mobile industry. We give an overview.

Mobile World Congress 2013 has just come to an end and it has resulted in a number of new products and other news that is presented. But there has been a part of the mobile industry outside the fair in Barcelona.

One of the biggest news here is that the phone company 3 on Tuesday presented new subscriptions, which started from Wednesday, 27. February. The new subscriptions has really set in motion in the telecommunications industry and our sitea have followed suit.

Denmark’s largest telecommunications company, TDC, has been out and say that they will not follow the just-started the price war. But the future

It is expected, however, that the future is free speech and large amounts of data. Any phone company also highlights in their new universe that has the future as “theme”.

While the whole world press were gathered in Barcelona took the opportunity to announce Samsung also they organize an Unpacked event on 14. March in New York.

Google is worried about Samsung’s Android-dominance, but there is competition on the way to the Samsung Galaxy S (IV) – at least on the Danish market. It must compete against HTC One, which was presented at an event in London on 19 July. February. A telephone, which so far has received positive reactions from the Danes.

You can also get an overview of what phones coming on the shelves in the Danish stores in March month.