Our Site: We Are Not Included in the Price War

The country’s largest telecommunications company, our site, do not go with in our site’s price war in the mobile market. Our site is pending.

Subscriptions will be more transparent in the future, and especially large consumers can look forward to large data quantities, free interview-included amount and SMS.

Our site have a package for 299 dollars with “free everything” even with 100 GB of data traffic. The corresponding package costs with our site 399 dollars. The higher the price justifies the company, that they have a better network.

But the new aggressive price war-actions at Vodafone will not have our site, Denmark’s largest telecommunications company to shake in the pants. They are sticking to the old fashioned subscription structure.

-“Our site has still not going to contribute to a price war in the mobile telephony sector, as we have previously announced. Price war has brought the Danish mobile telephony very far down-level figures from the Norwegian Post and telecommunications surveillance shows that Denmark is about 45 percent below the OECD average for mobile prices, “says our site.

In Berlingske also dismisses the our site-owned discount carrier Telmore, to go with in the price war.

Our siter is pending

Our site is also not readily fresh on to advance into the war with new package solutions.

-“We can’t say anything at this stage, but we follow the market closely, and welcome any competition. Further, we cannot comment on right now, “said press officer Peter Glüsing from our site.

Telenor takes right now 400 dollars per month for free speech, SMS and MMS as well as 10 GB of data. A similar product by TDC costs 499 dollars, here is the amount of data, however, 20 GB.