Our Site Ready with MobilePay-Send Money via a Mobile Phone Number

Our site is ready with a new payment solution, regardless of the bank, allows you to transfer money from your mobile.

MobilePay is a simple and rapid payment solution that makes it easy to send and receive money via your smartphone. And most importantly, so is MobilePay for all – regardless of the bank.

As Our site has not only the best mobile banking application, but are now also first with a solution that applies to other bank customers.

Simply fill out the personal information and add payment information, as well as create your own personal code – and then you started and ready to send money.

The amount you wish to transfer must be entered. Then select a recipient from the list, then this must be confirmed.

It requires, however, that both you and the one you want to send money to, have the application installed, and are a registered user.

Are you trying to send to a mobile phone number has been set up to receive this an SMS that you have tried to transfer money to this-and payment is carried out only when the mobile number is a registered user, which must happen within 30 days.

You get a receipt when the payment is completed, confirming the transfer. Your friend will receive a text message that there is money on the way.

You can in the application, see MobilePay an overview of your activities – among other things. completed and pending payments. Watch the video about MobilePay including.

MobilePay application can be downloaded for free in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.