Our Site Chief: Satisfied with Quarterly Financial Statements

Our site-Chief Carsten Dilling welcomes quarterly accounts and believe the company provides what they promise.

Although competition is pushing hard on the Danish telecommunications market and at our site, is the company’s top manager Carsten Dilling happy results for the first quarter.

To our site he says that the machine is running as it should, with the pressure as it should, and deliver what we have promised.

The increased competition may, however, be read in the accounts that provide our site lower turnover and lower earnings.

Carsten Dilling declares itself also satisfied with customers’ increasing satisfaction with the company and its service.

Each week make our site 3,000 customers interviews and satisfaction is increasing week by week, while the hours spent on debugging has fallen by 30 percent on a quarterly basis.

This means that basis, that there is a need for fewer service employees, but Dilling are sticking to that, our site did not turn up for the number of fyrringer.