Our Site Breaking the Law-Stores Call History for a Long Time

Our site saves customers’ call history all the way back from the company’s founding in 2000, which is contrary to the law.

The Danish telco our site breaks the law, since they store customer call history longer than five years, as the law allows. It creates wonderment with the Agency, which is the supervisory authority. It writes our sites.

At our site, customers can find their call history all the way back from the company’s founding.

-“On the our sites website can I view my call lists dating back to 2002, when the subscription was created,” says Jesper Lund, who has access to call history, our sites to the Computer world.

Jesper Lund wondered that the company saves 10 year old information and called therefore for our sites customer service who sent the matter on to their legal department.

-“I was referring to the contract notice section 23, and so we have passed this level, where the typical customer service staff can answer the question, but he promised to talk with the complaint Department,” says Jesper Lund.

It is, according to the Commercial agency contract notice, which establishes how long companies should store call history.

-“If a company store traffic data in more than five years, so it is in conflict with the law,” says Tore Kjelstrup C, there are special consultant with the Agency.

Our site-customer service: we comply with legislation

Jesper Lund received a few hours later, a response by the Legal Department in Our site customer service. Here it sounded, that our sites perception was that the company must keep details in mindsts five years, and that for the other is not set anything in the law that prevents them from that store information for a longer period of time.

Our sites customer service representative also referred to the very same contract notice as Jesper Lund had turned around.

But also posting legislation was mentioned.

-“Customer service seemed very dismissive. They told me that Our site should keep details in at least five years as per the posting legislation, and so there was no limit to how long they had to keep details, “says Jesper Lund.