Older People Prefer Tablets over a PC

Tablets can make it easier for the pensioners to clear communication with the public and selected often rather than a PC.

Digitalization of the bank, papers from the municipality, etc. make that the elderly have to get “online” in order to deal with this. And there are many indications that many elderly people now prefer tablets instead of the standard computer. It writes our site.

A new study, carried out by YouGov for the telecommunications company our site analysis Institute, shows that well every fifth Dane now owns a tablet. It writes Kristeligt Dagblad. And it’s not just the young, which is with the wave. 19 percent of all over the age of 50 have a tablet and among people older than 65 years, the figure is 13 percent.

-“I think 200 percent on that old people must have tablets instead of computers. They are simpler to operate, quick to beat up on and so small and light that you can use them anywhere, “said 66 year old Annette Hellmann, who is Vice-Chairman of the Copenhagen Council of elders.

Ældre Sagen also experience that tablets cater to older people.

-“A tablet is more intuitive and easy to operate, because you just use your fingers on the screen and do not have a mouse as on an ordinary computer,” says Ingrid Lauridsen, a consultant in Older Proceedings samfundsanalyse Department.

Mette Vandana, who is Media researcher at the University of Aarhus, has for several years been researching the use of tablets and shares the view that it can help to facilitate the digitization of those who have not previously used computers.