Ok Google! Multiple Voice Command Tips for Android!

Google lets you use the “Ok Google” voice command through Android devices, iOS, or the Google Chrome browser. It allows the user to perform some basic voice commands such as Google searches, check routes on Google Maps, create reminders or annotations, create calendar events, and other basic tasks. But before you can use these commands, you need to enable them on your device.

Ok Google! Multiple Voice Command Tips for Android!

How do I enable Google voice commands?

To enable voice commands on Android, open the Google app. In the top left corner of the app’s home screen, touch the menu and tap Settings -> Voice -> “Ok Google” detection. From there, you can choose when your Android device (tablet or smartphone) will hear you say “Ok Google”. Test by opening the Google app and saying “Ok Google” to your Android device or by clicking the Microphone icon on the screen. In Chrome it’s more or less the same thing, with the only difference being that the menu is in the right corner of the browser.

To enable voice commands on devices with the iOS system (iPhone and iPad), open the Google app and touch your home screen photo in the upper left corner. Tap on voice search, where you can change the language and when the search will be initiated by the “Ok Google” command. Tap Done and test as described above.

Ok Google voice command tips!

When you say “Ok Google” or touch the microphone icon, you can start a simple search on your device or you can use a few more advanced commands. In some cases, you’ll need to have other Google or third-party apps installed. Generally, every mobile comes with Google apps installed by default, but custom Android ROMs may not have these apps and need installation for voice commands to be turned on. It’s worth remembering that headphone microphones are more accurate for searches, and it helps a lot in a quieter environment. Different accents do not influence the results so much, although the Brazilian accent when using Google Now in other languages ​​can give different results. Test and adapt your accent and pronunciation according to what works and what does not work.

Set alarm –  You can set an alarm in your default application by completing the command with the time (set alarm to 7 o’clock in the morning) and up to the alarm frequency (set alarm to 7 o’clock in the morning every day of the week).

Create calendar event –  You can add the location, description, time, date and even frequency of the event. A simple example: create event in the meeting agenda at the bar do zé in Rio de Janeiro, every Saturday at 10 o’clock in the morning.

My accounts – Will show you what are the next accounts to pay / win. It may depend on the configuration of another application.

Calling XX – XX is a friend name in your contact list . For example, it could be “call mom” or “call work”.

Send text message to XX –  Here you can dictate the message to the person. For example, “send a message to my mother warning that I will not have lunch at her house today”.

Send message Hangouts to XX – Same thing as above, and you can also dictate the message.

Start video call in Hangouts with XX – It can also be a group call, which can start with “start group call in hangouts with XX and YY”.

Send e-mail to XX Subject XX Message XX – As described, you can dictate the recipient, subject and the e-mail message.

How to get to XX from YY / Where is XX –  The first command can be done only with the first part (how to get to XX), but you can get more information and different routes. Where XX is located can be used to ask “where is the nearest bakery?”, “Where is the nearest tourist attraction?” Or “where is the band show XX?” And many other variations.

What time is it in XX – To check the time in any place in the world.

I need a jacket today / It will be hot or cold today / It will rain today / Weather – Will give you a result with the weather forecast. It can be complemented with the location for which you want the forecast.

Where was born XX / How old is YY / What is ZZ’s birthday? It works for both your contacts on your Android list and people who have this information on Google, especially the famous ones.

What is the real X tip / How much is the XX product – Both are commands that can help your financial life. The first one helps you stipulate a tip out of the optional 10%. Secondly, it helps to compare prices of products or services before making a purchase.

What XX means – Definition of the desired word in the dictionary.

How much is XX grams in pounds? – You can convert several other units, such as meters in inches, pounds in pounds etc. Very useful mainly for anyone traveling abroad.

Square Root / Ratio / Half of – Commands for calculations. You can multiply, divide, and even make simple equations with these commands.

Where is my package – For those who have tracking codes received in Gmail, allowing tracking of orders.

How will my day be tomorrow / When is the next meeting / What’s my next event –Commands for your agenda, helping you get organized and prepare for the next coming event. You can also search for birthdays from contacts that are in your calendar .

What songs are sung by XX / Who sings music XX / Singer of the soundtrack of the XX movie – To find songs, singers, bands and even lyrics for shower singers.

Which movies are on / Where is XX / How much is the ticket for XX movie –Commands to use when you want to schedule your movie visit.

Show me XX images / Show me XX attractions / Show me XX sights – The first command is for image searches. The second and third ones are very useful for planning excursions, tours and trips.

What is the translation from XX to XX – Remember that the translation is only available for the languages ​​supported by Google applications.

Open application XX – Auto explanatory, will open the application you want to use.

What other commands do you know that we forgot to put here? Share in the comments!