Of The Operators Billing Errors and Now Android before Google I/O, The Best of The Week

Long time that Android not made the most of news which we have addressed in the week, well because it was taking a break, or because the competition is tightening strong, but the truth is that a week before the Conference for developers Google I/O, today is quite moved. Something they will have to see 65,000 Android handsets are put on the market the day.

Mainly we have informed of three positive points which will bring the Android 2.2 update, also tambien conocida known as Froyo:

  • We could see a Nexus One running Flash 10.1 much better than what had found on previous occasions, despite all the opponents of the technology, the thing promises.
  • Wait a power increase of 450% of Eclair to Froyo, Thanks to the inclusion of the “JIT compiler” within your own kernel, Antonio Raya article you will find the reasons for this improvement.
  • Last but not least it is the possibility to make tethering via USB, or create a WiFi hotspot with our phone, one of the most anticipated features in Android 2.2.

Nexus One will no longer be sold in the shop

What can be considered of failure, also has its merit, and is that Google was very brave proposing a system of sales and distribution via the Internet with all the problems that could bring in a market little ripe is this sense.

The model of Nexus One in Europe it will be extended to the United States, and the online store will be a showcase of the main Android phones, who knows if in the future you will return to its initial objectives.

Following Android today, it should be noted the incredible success of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 in Japan, a very difficult market for all that phone designed for other markets.

We also recommend that you take a look at the new multimedia material we have on the Samsung Galaxy S, an Android phone that will give much to talk about. Finally, we inform you of the upgrade to version 4.2 of Google Maps.

Billing errors?

The billing errors some operators are becoming more typical of what you would expect, and begin to be a problem for several reasons: errors in the implementation of promotions, activations of unsolicited services or discounts that do not directly apply, are examples of Plokiko reviewed in a special article.

The second theme of the week are the fees that operators have been created for the iPad, We inform you of the discrete rates of Vodafone, and days later we did a comparison of rates. Do not forget that the HTC Desire has appeared this week with Vodafone.

Other news of interest

This week we have an opportunity to analyze the Nokia C5, a phone which does not present any relevant novelty, but that could be described as very full for its price. I leave you with the links to the first and second part.

Talking a bit of Apple, We inform you as HTC has responded to the Californian company with the same currency, demanding it for breach of five of its patents. We have also had a second filtration of the prototype of the iPhone 4 G, this time from Viet Nam.

Most valued by readers

  • Android sold more than iPhone in United States
  • The success of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 in Japan
  • Froyo will allow us to make Tethering via USB and create a WiFi hotspot with our phone
  • HTC Desire available at Vodafone this week
  • Google Maps updated to version 4.2 on Android: Maps Navigation is coming to Spain