Now Grandma Must Have the Tablet, Mobile and PC

Web TV: Now Grandma must have a smarter mobile phone, a tablet or PC, adapted to the needs and understanding that the elderly have. See here the new products to the senior group.

Society makes ever greater demands on the elderly population, there are not necessarily tech-savvy. In line with the closure of bank branches, fewer post offices and longer between libraries, ladders need to be self-propelled on your computer, your phone or a tablet.

This market for seniors have, among other things, Doro seen opportunities in the world’s largest mobile Conference. at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it was not only high-tech gadgets, as was shown above. There was also room for products for the so-called grey gold.

Displaying stood on older custom mobiles with large keys, good grip and screens with high contrast that makes it easier to view text and images.

-“What we see is that it creates joy in the elderly. Because now they’ve got something technology that they can actually use, and that they are comfortable with, “said Rudi Iversen, country Manager for Doro in Denmark.

The elderly on PC and tablets

Doro has also created a universe of Android-based tablets, where a program from Google Play Great, makes the otherwise Advanced display device, useful for the elderly, who typically are over 60 years of age.

The same type of experience can also be delivered on an ordinary Windows computer, where the traditional layout is replaced by large icons and greater intelligibility. This is a competitor of DukaPC.

Via a special login on a website can caregivers put new pictures into the photo album on your device with the older, update the phonebook or insert reminders, and calendar appointments-all synchronized it via the cloud.

The latest phone Doro PhoneEasy 622 will hit stores after the summer recess. Application for Android tablets, Doro Experience, is already now ready for download, while the PC version is expected to be ready in mid-March.