Nokia’s Next Flagship Will Be Unique

Rumor: The controversial mobile Reviewer Eldar Murtazin claims to have seen the upcoming top model from Nokia for Mobile World Congress.

During last week’s Mobile World Congress held the Nokia press conference where they presented four new products. But many were disappointed when a top model lacked.

Since the beginning of January, rumors circulated on the Internet about a sequel to Lumia 920, which would be crafted in aluminum.

These rumors have now gained new life when the disputed Russian mobile Reviewer Eldar Murtazin claims to have seen Nokia’s upcoming flagship in a homey room at Mobile World Congress. It writes our site.

According to, says Eldar, the future top model comes in aluminum and can be the most popular handsets this year. However, he believes that Windows Phone 8 makes it harder for the product. This makes it likely, as with the Nokia Lumia 920, that there is a lot of talk and good reviews of the product, but sales records are lacking.

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