Nokia Prepares New Headset / Hands Free for September: Boom, Knock and Pop

The Finnish company Nokia It has just announced three new handsets that see the light after his collaboration with Zound Industries. They have connection minijack in a line of bright colors perfect to accompany your mobile Lumia or Asha or any smart phone with this connection.

Coloud Boom (WH-530), Coloud Knock (WH-520) and Coloud Pop (WH-510) will reach the market next month of September with an interesting connector that serves as a holding for the flat cable GI transit known as Zound Lasso.

Zound Lasso – connector-cord design

Nokia reviewed on their new handsets and its collaboration with Zound Industries:

“We are delighted to be working with Zound to deliver a portfolio of elegant, colorful, sturdy and economical headphones to people. “With Boom, Knock and Pop, people can enjoy their music with audio clear and stylish”

Coloud Boom (WH-530)

They are larger headphones, with a design large headband and pads that cover the ear to help the user isolate external noise. They have measures 160 mm x 145 mm, weighs 132 grams and mount speakers (drivers) of 40 mm high-performance.

The frequency response is typical of 20-20,000 Hz and have an impedance of 32 ohm. The cable It has a flat design and has a length of 120 cm matching color headphones (blue, red or yellow). In the cable we have a unidirectional microphone and a multi-function button to manage calls.

Coloud Knock (WH-520)

These headphones are essentially the previous model, Boom, but with a design headband It does not cover the ear, but that relies on them. The measures are practically the same, 160 x 140 mm, but the main difference is in the weight, 78 grams.

The other features are shared with the previous model since they ride the same 40 mm high-performance speakers. They are also available in blue, red and yellow.

Coloud Pop (WH-510)

Come formatted in-ear, 9 mm drivers and a weight of only 16 grams. Share with his brothers the availability in the same and flashy colors as well as integrating microphone.

They both agree on frequency response 20-20,000 Hz as in impedance 32 ohm with Boom and Knock as well as its cable and connector Mini-Jack cord storage-formatted flat design.

Availability and price

The line of headphones / handsfree Coloud hit the market next month of September prices of 27 euros for model Book, 22 euros for model Knock and only 18 euros the model for in-ear Pop Coloud.

I would be remiss to prove them to comment on what such sound quality but we can already say that the price that had been announced is very competitive. And the headset device clicks