Nokia Lumia 928 Teaser Page Is Official

Lumia 928 is more or less official, because the Nokia after several læks have given up and launched a teaser page for the next Lumia.

Nokia has given up now when the stopper is sprung out of the bottle and Nokia Lumia 928 more or less has been official. Due to a lot of læks, so, Nokia has now launched their own teaser page for Nokia Lumia 928. It writes our site.

The device is also seen in the last week to a private concert in New York, for specially invited bloggers and journalists, in which Ang from The Nokia Blog mocked people went with a telephone wrapped in black bags, and there are several spots in the room was placed phones at racks – this was probably Nokia Lumia 928 units, which made the recordings for a later launch.

Most recently it has also been spotted on a billboard advertising, which is probably hung up too early.

You can find the new teaser page here, where Nokia writes “stay tuned for the latest updates about the newest Nokia Lumia. It remains to be seen whether we can expand this model on the Danish market.