Nexus 6 and 9 Improve Your Active Listening with Android L and Moto X Chip

The Google Motorola took the market a concept that like and much to its users: differentiation by lightness in the layer, visually similar software and facilities when updating devices. Improvements include small jobs, such as active listening that allowed us to run the ‘OK, Google’ at any time.

But they did not work directly on this function, that executes from Google Search. Now that this function lands on Android 5.0 (Lollipop), this type of command becomes much more efficient.

Google implements both the Nexus 6 in Nexus 9 chip carrying the Motorola Moto X, a TI C55x, very low power (about 30mW running at maximum performance) and that it works directly with the function built on Google Search now promises minor false positives and errors, as well as latencies lower at commands.

Do you expect to see this type of command, always active, on devices from other brands? Hey, Galaxy, potato!