New Post Page Xatakamovil

It has been a few days in operation, but he had spent I tell you some news in Xatakamovil. You may have noticed when entering a post, note that the page has changed slightly.

This is the new website of post, an update in the design and organization of the elements that provides improvements when it comes to read and access the information of Xatakamovil.

The first thing that we have is a greater width that will provide more space for text and comfort when reading, but I better list updates:

  • More and better options of sharing in networking and social sites. You can make good use now of sharing on Twitter, in addition to which you already know Facebook and our “like” button.
  • You’ll also have more information on the product page, with the possibility to give a score directly and see which already has at that time.
  • The categories of the post appear in the upper part, above the title. With a swipe of vista will know what we are talking about, and there they seem much more useful that previously.
  • Appears one greater amount of content related to the theme, category or topic of the post, with a new more accurate algorithm.
  • Better navigation between post anterior and posterior, this will see it clearer in the following screenshot:

We hope that the redesign and novelties are to your liking, if detectais a problem or question to improve please do not hesitate to let us know in comments or through the contact form.